Saturday, November 22, 2008


Wow!! What a fun night!! All the girlies came over to my house and we listened to the soundtrack and ate munchies. My sister posted up pictures around the house and made a Twilight banner. It was fun!! Then we all tattooed ourselves (mom included!! pictures to come...) and we were out the door. We got to the theater around 8:30 and we were already pretty far back in the line. What the heck! Plus, the security guards wouldn't let us sit on the ground...LAME!! We got into the theater a little before 10 and the only place that didn't have seats saved was the very front section. That's right, folks, we sat 4 rows from the front. Edward was HUGE!!! hahah!! I really enjoyed the movie. Obviously you can't fit a 500+ book into a 2 hour movie. But, I did like what they did. Oh, and did I mention how HOT all the Cullen boys are?!? Oh my goodness!!! So hot!! I could have me a little Emmett! Jacob wasn't too shabby either. It will be interesting to see him in the next movie since he will be the star.

Anyways...LOVED IT!! I would like to go see it again, when I'm not so close! I enjoyed the night together with the girls. Yes, we did go out to breakfast after so that we could all chat. We weren't really too hungry, but it was still fun. Thanks girlies for a fun night!!

For those that haven't commented yet...what did you think? I hope you had a great time!


Jaime said...

Not a big fan but it was fun going with the other bunch of girls! And yeah, the cullen boys were pretty tasty.

jennmom2000 said... Another movie to wait for!

I love this one too!

Scott and Christie said...

So Karin, Kendy, Carolyn, and Jessica (Gary's girlfriend) all went to see it Friday night!! I was a LITTLE disappointed but still enjoyed it!! However I thought Jacob was ugly =) But Emmett was so HOTT!! and Jasper was a little freaky but I enjoyed him lol. Also Alice was super cute!

Michelle Marie Walton said...

The movie made 70.6 mill in two days. Not bad for a very low budget film.