Friday, February 4, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Dance

I know...I'm a big time blog slacker. My apologies. But, it's so much easier and faster to upload pictures to Facebook, so that's where my pictures tend to go. is a super cute picture to make up for my lack of blogging.

Tonight is the Daddy-Daughter Dance at the school. Heidi isn't feeling too well...swollen tonsils, but really, really, really wanted to spend a date night out with Daddy. So, they went. I have to tell you about her dress. It is the bridesmaid dress that my little sister wore to my wedding. She was almost 9 at the time. She is also wearing a Cinderella slipper necklace. That was the theme of my wedding. And Ryan dressed in blue to match her. Very sweet! I hope they are able to enjoy the night at least for a little while!