Thursday, August 5, 2010

Long write!

Sorry bloggers, I have been neglecting you. Not on purpose though...just got kinda bored of it.'s some updates...starting with the most recent.

On Monday night we went to McDonald's for family night. Cheap ice cream!

Also...I have started another blog: where I am displaying items that I have made and would like to sell. Check it out! I plan to open up an etsy account as well. Here's a sample of what I have done recently:

I gave my baby a haircut! I cut off all his curls... :-( He looks so cute though! It was just really bushy in the back. Much better now! (Pardon the food in his mouth! hahah)
We have had some fun at the beach with family and friends and look forward to many more trips there. It's been rather cold for a California summer...but I'm not complaining too much! :-)

We love having Aunt Mandy here!Silly Grandma and Derek wavingRyan cooking the hot dogs...YUMMY!!!Lindsey sitting underneath the EZ-up and the was really windy that night.

So, there's a taste of what we have been up to. I will try to be better about posting because I am sure that you all missed me so much!!!!!!