Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ok...I have two votes for "What's Twilight?" Seriously or are you just pulling my leg? If you seriously have not heard of the books and the upcoming movie, click here. It will not disappoint. I have plenty of people to refer you to if you have any doubts!!

Oops...I guess I should have put an option on my poll for those that are not going to see the movie. Sorry Carina!! :-)


Carina said...

I will admit--I voted "What's Twilight?", but only because there was no other option for those who do not plan to see the movie at all. Of course I've heard of the books (you should have seen the craziness going on at the BYU Bookstore when Breaking Dawn was released...midnight release party, blood drive--get it? vampires? haha =P--and everything), but I haven't read them and haven't felt particularly enticed by the movie previews. That, and it's so hard to get out to see a movie these days, with Cody working nights and needing to find a baby-sitter and whatnot. So yes, I have heard of Twilight, but no, I am not planning to see the movie. Of course, if someone wants to pay for my ticket, I'll go...But I hope you have fun!

Tiffany J said...

And just think, if I didn't get Wendie to read the series then you and Jamie and Natalie and your mom and dad and all those affected or encouraged by you all would be lost! One person can make a difference! I'm glad your one person was me!! ha ha ha Can't WAIT to see the movie.

My ward "sisters" are PRETTY UPSET that I'm not going with them!!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Hey ♥ your blog :) Thanks for sharing!