Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random Facts About Us!

I was tagged by my sweet sister-in-law...love her!! I like these things!! Here we go...

1. How Long Have You Been Together? 11 1/2 years (we will celebrate our 11 year anniversary in April...time flies!)

2. How Long Did You Date? Dated for 3 months, engaged for 6 months

3. How Old Is He? Almost 35

4. Who Eats More? Ryan

5. Who Said "I Love You" First? I did, of course. Do guys actually say those words? I mean, without a little help from us?!?!

6. Who Is Taller? Ryan

7. Who Is The Better Singer? I would have to say that would be me. I love to sing. Although, Ryan does have a good voice!

8. Who Is Smarter? My kids! hahah!! I swear, I need to go back to school to learn what they are learning. But, overall, I would say that Ryan is smarter.

9. Who Does The Laundry? I do.

10. Who Does The Dishes? Both. Ryan surprises me sometimes and when I wake up in the morning, the dishes are done. Awwwww!

11. Who Sleeps On The Right Side Of The Bed? Looking at the bed...that would be me.

12. Who Pays The Bills? I did for the longest time, then Ryan started paying bills online, but now I am back to paying the bills.

13. Who Mows The Lawn? We have gardners...included in the rent.

14. Who Cooks? I do. I make lots of casseroles.

15. Who's More Stubborn? I really don't know. Probably me more so than him.

16. Who Kissed Who First? On the first date, he kissed me on the forehead. Does that count? Real kiss...probably me. I don't even remember.

17. Who Asked Who Out? He asked me out. I did have the feeling he was going to do so though. I had plans with a girlfriend, but told her we would have to cancel if Ryan called. Sure enough, he clicked in while we were talking!!! Oh, but he did have a little help. My sister and I heart-attacked his car and told him that I wanted to get to know him!! :-)

18. Who Proposed? He did. He even practiced/told his brothers about what he was going to do. And, he asked my parents permission first!!! What a guy!

19. Who Is More Sensitive? Me Probably....I'm a girl after all (ditto!)

20. Who Has More Friends? I have friends that I still keep in touch with that have moved away, so I would probably have to say me.

21. Who Has More Siblings? Ryan...he is the oldest of 6, I am the oldest of 5

22. Who Are You Tagging? Jenny, Carrie, JoEllen, Marianne


The Greathouse Family said...

Oh, the memories of that wonderful crazy Garden Grove Young Adult Ward!! How did we all do it- marrying each other! It was such a strange and exciting time!

Steve & Tiffany said...

Good job! Thanks for doing it!

todd & nat said...

1. concerning guitar hero: todd says: this game is not for the young or soft at heart. natalie says: we usually play late at night when the kids are asleep.
2. no need to be jealous. i'd post more things on blogspot but im just not into it. but i'll do it jsut for you. unfortnately, it would probably be only of tyler and evan since thats really all i have. so dont feel bad if the girls are left out.
3. glad the desk looks good.