Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Years

Well, it looks like most people stayed home for New Years. A couple of you even slept right through it. As for us, we went next door, played Scene It (fun game) and counted down the New Year with all the hyper kids and teenage girls! We had our Sparkling Cider and watched the ball drop. If was a fun time! Thanks to our good friends!


Steve & Tiffany said...

We ended up staying home. We had my bros over and had our own parrrtay! They spent the night and then they guys all went and saw "I Am Legend" together. Good times! Happy New Year!

KarenH said...

Hi ! How are you ?? How's things going in Calif? I'm anxious to have her already. I'm not feeling that great today. Last night, I had "cramps" but they weren't lasting long enough to have me in labor. I already started to dialate two weeks ago. Will find out more on Wednesday if I dialated more. Blah blah :) Keep in touch. PS love your blogspot

The Greathouse Family said...

Hi! I finally started a blog so now I can leave a comment! Just wanted to say that I enjoy your posts!