Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Hinckley

I am so saddened by this news. Our dear prophet has passed away. We received a phone call from a family member in Alaska asking us why we didn't call to let her know about his passing. Well, that was the first we heard of it. We really didn't believe it, for some reason. We started looking it up on the internet and finally found confirmation of this. Then came all the text messages. Word travels fast. He was such a wonderful man. I feel very blessed to have heard from him this month in our multi-stake conference. What an amazing man. He will truly be missed.

As I was searching the internet for this information, I noticed that there were comments at the end of the articles. I can't believe some of the things that people are saying. I won't post anything because their words aren't worth repeating, but it's really sad to read what people have to say against our Church. Very hurtful. But, anyone that knew or heard President Hinckley knows what a wonderful man he was and how he has really helped our Church to grow. Good-bye President will be missed!


todd & nat said...

i read some of those comments myself and my honest opinions are that people dont have to respect the church. they have their choice in whether or not they want to, but president hinckley did nothing but good and had nothing but good intentions. he should be respected and honored--not just because he is the leader of the fastest growing church on earth, but because he did good and he was good. i think that is wat hurts the most...because people fail to recognize him for the man he was because they choose to judge him based on the misconceptions they have heard regarding the church and its beliefs.

todd and i shed a tear upon hearing of his passing. and our hearts ache because he will no longer be with the saints, but we rejoice that he can now be with his dear wife and are happy to know that he has gone back home with his Heavenly Father. we look forward to wat lies ahead of us in the future and find comfort in knowing that president thomas s. monson resolves to lead the church just as hinckley did.

Mama said...

Just remember that whenever there is press about our church, there is a surge of new converts whether the press is good or bad. people are ignorant and unfortunately we'll always have people saying stupid things. it's hard to hear these things about some one or something that you feel so close to.

Steve & Tiffany said...

I will miss him and his cane waving! He's so cute! I'm happy he is free from his earthly body, his cane and back with Heavenly Father and his wife. What a great example of a true man of good! We will miss him too!

HA HA Nat you wrote a novel! ha ha but amen to your comments

howepartyfever said...

I did not read any of the articles but I did watch some of the biography videos on the BYU channel with a friend of mine. He also watched the 20/20 clip with Mike Wallace and was so touched by President Hinckley's spirit that he asked if it would be ok if he attended church with us so that he could learn more. That was a shock to me but the prophet was special in that he could reach people in a unique,warm calming way that we are not capable of. I will miss him very much. I know that he would not want us to dwell in the negative. So just know that many positive words and spiritual experiences have taken place in his passing that we are not aware of and I personally know of this one. So stay positive and smile knowing that the truth will prevail and that we are supported by a much higher and greater source who can accomplish all things.