Monday, January 21, 2008

Pinewood Derby

Wow!! I remember going to the Pinewood Derby with my brothers...a long time ago. I can't believe that I am now going with my son! Ryan & Evan went to the Church at 8 in the morning to build the car. Then we all came back at 1:30 to watch the races. His car didn't do too well (Ryan was quite confident at building it, but after he saw it race, he says he knows EXACTLY what to do for next year!), but he was sooo happy! And, if any of you know my son, you know how much he loves cars. He had so much fun. I think he came in 3rd once and 4th all the rest of the time. But, every boy got an award. He received the award for the "Coolest Pinewood Derby Car". So, who cares that he didn't win, he had the coolest car!!


Steve & Tiffany said...

ohhh scouts! Here I come! I'm glad they had a good time! My pinewood derby is this Thurs!

Mike and Debbie said...

Fun stuff. I think the best year for our boys (best meaning when they had a winning car) was when Mike was in Wyoming and a neighbor helped them out with their cars!!! It was too funny. Fun to see all of your new posts.