Sunday, October 19, 2008

Proposition 8 in Plain English


Elizabeth said...

hey melanie... i really liked this video... it was educational but not all condescending or argumentative. I just wanted to clarify one this... Catholic Charities did not have to close down because they were breaking the law or discriminating... they have to shut down because the state could no longer help them with funding, they closed down because they could not find a way to fund themselves. that is just and FYI, a little known fact. haha! thanks again for that video... i liked it!

Liesl said...

This video is awesome. I want to further clarify what your friend Elizabeth said about the Catholic Charities closing down. According to the, I quote "$1.2 million grant from the United Way may be lost because of the decision to not permit children to be adopted by same sex couples." So this has everything to do with same-sex adoption.