Thursday, October 2, 2008

My silly little girl

Everyone always says that they have to write down some of the things that their kids say. Well, I have 2 to blog about right now. My little one is 2. She was in the shower with me the other day and I was throwing up (yuck...I know!) and she just kept saying, "Bless you!" So cute!! I wish that's all it was!! Then, tonight at dinner we had baked potatoes. I scooped the potato out of the skin, grated some cheese on top and put some chili on the side and gave it to her. She pulled a piece of chili out and showed it to me and said, "Pooh-poohs!" Too funny!!!

By the way, I go to the doctor tomorrow, so I will post about that then. I will have an actual due date and how far along I am...for all of you who are dying for the details!! Thanks for caring!


The Greathouse Family said...

So cute! She sounds so sweet!

todd & nat said...

hahaha i think things like that are hilarious [the things she said] and actually, i am applying at the district which is on brookhurst and crescent!!

Mike and Debbie said...

oh, I'm so sorry that you are throwing up!!! Why can't pregnancy be easier??? Oh well, in the end you get something wonderful and precious! I had to laugh at your little "sillies" comments. Kids are so great!