Friday, October 12, 2007

Yeah for Liesl!

My dear friend just recently got married. She looked so beautiful that day. It took her a long time, but she finally found Mr. Right. They are really cute and I am so happy for her. She kept a straight face during the sealing. Later I asked her what was up and her reply was that her cousin took a long time to do her make-up and she didn't want to mess it up!!!! hahaha!! She's so cute! We have been good friends for a long time. When I was Young Women's President in Anaheim, she was the Laurel advisor. That was back before Tyler was born. We have been friends ever since. She got me started on scrapbooking...thanks Liesl!! I miss scrapping with her!! :-(


Mama said...

hey there. i got your post on my blog and wanted to respond, but i don't have your email address. I know it's so sad. they released the autospy report and found out she was carrying a baby boy. it's just awful. The funeral will be either wednesday or thursday. they are trying for wednesday but aren't sure right now if they will be able to make it by then. they will be announcing the day of the services at church tomorrow in all the wards. I'm just so sad about the whole thing. they are such an awesome family.

Jenks Family said...

Cute pictures! Glad you had fun. AND since you wanted me to Tag someone....I can Tag you too! You have to write 10 things you splurge on and 10 your thrifty with! I did tag another person by the way...I'm familiar with the game tag!

Liesl said...

Yeah for me! How awesome I made it onto your blog! Now I can keep up with the news in your family! Thanks Melanie!

Girls Beaded Socks said...

Congrats to Liesl!!
You both look pretty.
Stacey D.