Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Like Mother, Like Son

So, my son decided that he wanted to be just like me. I can't believe that my 8-year-old needs glasses!! But, he looks so darn cute in them, don't 'cha think? He complained about seeing the board towards the end of last year and I just put off the eye exam. So when he started complaining about it again this year, I thought I'd better take him in. Sure enough, he needed glasses. He is supposed to wear them in the he needs them for distance. I just hope that he takes good care of them! I got mine in 10th grade, and I think I was a little more responsible at that age then Evan is right now. :-)


jennmom2000 said...

He looks so cute!

Mike and Debbie said...

I too got classes when I was in grade school, third grade, actually and must say that the novelty wore off about the time I hit junior high! I couldn't wait for contacts. Now I just would love to have my old eyes back. This reading glasses thing is driving me nuts!!

Steve & Tiffany said...

Wow...Glad I read your blog from time to time....I would never have known about his glasses! I'm glad He is doing well with school and hope these glasses really help him out! He looks good