Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jon Schmidt

I went to this AMAZING piano concert last night. Absolutely incredible!! This man is very entertaining. He not only plays with his fingers, but he plays with his feet and forearms and forehead/nose! He was hilarious! This video is a little long, but if you watch the first couple of minutes, you will see him play with different body parts. Very talented man! And...if you watch to the end, you will see him do a back flip...he ends the show this way!! He also throws things out into the audience. I am so amazed...makes me want to take piano lessons all over again and become better! I know I could never be as amazing as him (natural talent) but I would like to be more comfortable at playing. I love the piano!! Enjoy!!


James and Lauren said...

For some reason i thought that he was WAY older... that was cool though.

Merci said...

Hey Melanie,
I too enjoyed the concert but I saw the youth showing earlier. I have only 4 weeks to go. I am hoping for more like 2 but you never know. It will be fun to have baby boys so close together!


mor said...

Melanie, What a great pianist. I remember when Carina, then Kirsti, then Brianne all learned Waterfall. Such a kick to see him perform...he is truly gifted. But so are YOU! It is a gift to READ music as well, don't forget. :) I'm proud of you. Hang in there, Girl. That baby's coming soon........Love you tons and oodles. ~Kari