Thursday, December 18, 2008

Breakfast with Santa and Nativity

Last year some of you may remember the picture of the kids with Santa and my little one Pebbles screaming her head off and freaking out. If not...or to see it again, click here. Well, this one's not too shabby! I'm standing right next to her and all she kept whispering was, "Mommy!" It was cute!!!

We also had another event happen recently. My parents have a family night every year and we have the kids put on the Nativity. I did this when I was a kid and the tradition still lives on! We rotate who gets to be who. This year, E-man was Joseph, Bug was Mary, TJ was a shepherd and Pebbles was an angel. I didn't get a good picture with all the kids (so maybe any of my family reading this that got one could email me a copy! :-) ) Anyways, the kids did a great job. My nephew was a wise man and my other two nieces were also angels. It was a very nice night! I love family get-togethers!!

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