Friday, September 19, 2008

What a guy!

My husband celebrated his 10-year anniversary with his company earlier this year. A couple months ago they honored him with a certificate and a gift card to Tiffany's!! A $350 gift card, I might add!! So, what does he do? He found this beautiful necklace for me...with the help of my sisters (thanks Jamie & Tiff!). What a sweetheart, huh? It's absolutely beautiful!! I will have to post a picture later of me wearing it. I love it!! Thanks honey...I love you to pieces!!!


Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

What a GUY!! Sounds like a keeper!

Pretty Necklace!

Jenks Ohana said...

your husband is sweet!!! anyway, i just wanted to thank you for your prayers and thoughts for our baby. i'm glad things are looking up now. anyway, i think we should have more family gatherings! i feel like i need to get to know everyone more!
oh, and i just have to tell you, the other week jon and I found a website that let us combine our two pictures and it showed us what our kid might look of the pictures looked just like one of your girls! jon and i thought that was pretty neat. we'll just have to wait and see who she looks more like! I'm getting anxious!

twin2trip said...

Oh how beautiful!! Happy 10th.

todd & nat said...

very very pretty!!